Still today, many businesses spend too much resources in manually processing documents. Manual processing is expensive and demotivating to professional employees.

Intelligent automation helps you to cut costs, optimize processes and keep your employees happy and productive.

Read how Berggren cut 70% of manual work

Berggren Group, a leading European IP agency, are processing thousands of invoices from 200+ countries each month. This required a lot of manual work.

With Curious AI solution, Berggren  were able to cut down 70% - more than 40 hours/month - of manual work with Curious AI’s cloud-based automation solution.

"Curious AI delivered a solution that automates the handling of four out of five documents." - Mr.Heikki Kinnunen, VP Business Development at Berggren Group.

Cloud-based solution for any document automation

Unlike traditional optical character recognition (OCR) services, Curious AI’s automation solution turns documents into intelligent, structured data. This data can be used to automate and optimize a wide range of enterprise processes.

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Mr. Kalle Raita
VP Sales at Curious AI