For years the preferred method in the process industry has been for operators to learn the dynamics of a production plant during the work on-site. Process operator work has gone through a major change during the past decades. The need for more cost- effective process control solutions have brought the new intelligent automation solutions into market.

Intelligent automation helps to run entire processes optimally. It brings safety, stability, economy, maximisation of operating marginal, production, recovery rates and energy efficiency. 

Read how NAPCON and Curious AI solution automates plant process prediction, optimization and control

Neste Engineering Solutions, an experienced pioneer in engineering and technologies for a variety of heavy industries, and Curious AI have developed an artificial intelligence-based application for process industry, to assist in the safe, economic operation of industrial process plant.

The solution accurately predicts long term process outcomes and the effects of operator actions. It provides optimal new actions for improving the process economics subject to realistic process dynamics and constraints.

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Mr. Kalle Raita
VP Sales at Curious AI